Michael Doss
User Experience Designer

Boston Celtics Concept Player Page

User Interface Design


These are screenshots of the individual player page under the team page of the Boston Celtics.

Starting on the navigation, I wanted to keep most of the same ones that the current NBA website has. Having fewer navigation links simplifies the website to be more user-friendly and less cluttered-looking. On the current website, the navigation has fourteen options and I believe it can work with only six. For example, three of the current links can be combined into one. They are "Watch", "NBA TV", and "League Pass". I chose to put them under one link named "Watch" and have a drop-down list to choose from.

Having the entire roster on the left side of the screen lets users easily pick each player without leaving the page. Each player's page will include the team's record, the team's standing, their personal stats, and the team's highlights depending on the player.