About Me

I'm a UX and product designer with experience working with large and small design teams. Solving complex user problems while ensuring business goals are met is a challenge I find truly fulfilling.

From playing sports growing up to becoming a UX and product designer, I've been a part of a team environment my entire life. I understand what it takes to be a great team member and to push everyone in the team to their best. Everyone has unique gifts and strong suits and recognizing that in each person will elevate a team to a new level. Working with people that are dedicated to helping others and have gotten rid of their egos is how I love to work.

Growing up with apraxia, I saw firsthand how necessary empathy is. Not being able to communicate with others during my early years taught me what it's like when something isn't designed for everyone. Understanding other people is the key not only to life but great design.

For the past year, I've worked at WONGDOODY (an award-winning creative agency), helping clients achieve their goals. I've spent most of my time here with T-Mobile, integrated into their PD&I (Product Design & Innovation) team. Working on projects spanning different areas of focus has been a challenging and fun experience teaching me valuable skills I'll use for the rest of my career.